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                                   Toate seturi / servicii ...
Pagina de prezentare cu toate Seturile / Serviciile disponibile la vanzare in acest moment pe site : de Ceai / Cafea, de Sushi, de Sake si de Masa (Dinner).  ATENTIE ! Nu sunt incluse obiectele aflate in Consignatie.
n Seturi Ceai

Geisha Rond

114,00 EUR

Geisha Square

114,00 EUR


131,00 EUR

5 Beauties
97,00 EUR

78,00 EUR

Blue Dragon
77,00 EUR

3 Dragoni
97,00 EUR

Outemei Red
106,00 EUR

Yixing Brown
179,00 EUR

Yixing Dragon
183,00 EUR

Dragon Yellow
89,00 EUR

3 Prieteni
78,00 EUR

China Residence
78,00 EUR

Maiden Party
78,00 EUR


97,00 EUR

2 Cocori

97,00 EUR

Dragon Yellow II
89,00 EUR

Golden Dragon
164,00 EUR
n Seturi Sushi

Longevity Red
82,40 EUR

Sushi+Sake "White"
98,00 EUR
n Seturi Sake

Noble House

64,00 EUR

4 Signs
61,00 EUR

Sushi+Sake "White"
98,00 EUR
n Seturi Dinner

Plum Red
75,00 EUR

Soup Longevity
61,00 EUR

Fly. Dragon
310,00 EUR

4 Signs
258,00-306,00 EUR

Soup Fly. Dragon
98,00 EUR



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l 0728 906 194
l office@asia-art-shop.ro
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